Shift On and Off in vWork.

What is Shift On / Off ?

The shift On / Off feature in vWork allows your workers to say when they are 'On Shift' and available to take jobs and also when they are Off Shift , they can even specify a time they are away for if known.
This gives the dispatcher the most accurate view of when workers are available or not.

Why use Shift On / Off ?

Shift on/off is designed to give dispatchers better visibility of which workers are available for work at any given time.

Combined with scheduled working hours, these two features can cater to both full time workforces that are scheduled in advance and part time or "crowd-sourced" workforces dealing with on demand jobs.

You can filter Off Shift workers from the map and they will change status on the schedule as below. This makes it much clearer for a dispatcher.

How to setup Shift On / Off

You can turn on the Shift On/Off feature on this settings page. Just check the box enable shift On/Off as below.


What does the worker see ?

We have these help articles on how this works on an android device or an apple device.
Mobile workers can choose to shift off for 30 minutes, 1 hour, the rest of the day (midnight) or until they manually shift back on.
This speeds up the time to take a break or finish early while still giving the dispatcher visibility on when they can assign work.

Can I report on when my workers shift On or Off ?

Yes, We have added the shift timing reporting the the shift activity report.
This can be exported to a PDF or CSV file if needed for timesheets or similar.

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