How do I set my Shift Availability on my iPhone ?

Going On and Off Shift 

You can set your availability with our Shift On / Off feature. This needs to be enabled in the vWork settings.

This means you can go Off Shift for 30 minutes, 1 hour, the rest of the day or until further notice.

How do I do this on my iphone or ipad ?

Follow the below instructions, you can choose the duration of the time off shift or just stay off until you manually set back on shift. If you choose the 'until I shift on', you will be off shift until you manually shift back on.

Just Tap on the shift notification bar in the Jobs screen.

Then Tap 'Shift Off' and choose the duration (or until I shift on as below)

If you select a Time to shift back on you can add the shift on time and date as below.

Now the Shift bar will show you that you are off shift for the selected time.

The simply Tap the shift bar and then 'Shift On' to go back on shift.

Please not that if you are Off Shift you cannot complete job steps so you will get the notification below.


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