Tap to Dial a Phone Number in a Job

Can I add a Phone Number to a Job that will Tap to Dial ?

Yes, to do this in a job in vWork, you just need to add a read only 'free text' or 'number' custom field to your job template.

This Custom field must be read only for the tap to dial to work.

The dispatcher can add the phone number at job creation time, then when you assign this job, the mobile worker can just tap the number and the phone dialer will take over to call the number. 
This saves time and is easy to do while on the go.

Of Course the main delivery contact for the job is always tap to dial, but this could help if the job has multiple people involved and you need to add many contacts.

We have example of the custom field in the job template below:

and what is looks like on the phone:


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