How Do Affiliate Accounts work ?

Affiliate Accounts Basics

  • You Can Pass jobs to Other vWork Accounts to Complete. These jobs can pass to as many sub contractors using vWork as you desire.
  • Once the job is complete, the completed job is recorded in all accounts.
  • As the source account you set the permissions of your Sub Contractors.

How Do We Set This Up ?

  • You need this option turned on in your vwork account.
  • All Sub Contractors must use vWork.
  • You need to enable this in your Account (see below) and you must set your Sub Contractors permissions.

1. Go To Settings > Affiliates > Create Affiliate

2. Choose your affiliates job permissions as in the picture below.

3. Add the sub contractor vWork email and other details (the email must be registered in their vWork account)

4. Click Send Invite 

Affiliate Account Permission Options  
Can view the invoice This will enable the affiliated account to view any part of the invoice for the job.
Can edit the planned start time. This allows the affiliated account to set a different start time and date for the job (job step one).
Can edit invoice quantities This enables the affiliated account to edit invoice amounts on the job, say number of hours or parts of previously added items.
Can view hidden custom fields The original job may have hidden custom fields, this allows the affiliated account to see these.
Can view the customer This determines whether the affiliated account sees the name of the actual end customer or the name of the source account as the job customer.
Can edit read only custom fields This setting allows the affiliated account to edit read only job fields.

Next Steps

Read the detailed article on Setting up Affiliate Accounts in vWork.

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