How To Setup vWork Affiliate Accounts

Below is the suggested setup workflow for affiliate jobs.

The workflow does change slightly and can depend on the affiliate permissions you choose to set.

1. Invite another vWork account to be an affiliate as described in this help article, this includes setting their job permissions.

2. The affiliated account will now have to accept the invite that arrives via email like below.

3. You will now have your affiliate account registered on your affiliates tab in vWork.

There are 2 types of affiliate accounts.

     - Receiving Affiliates (you send jobs to them)

     - Sending Affiliates (they send jobs to you)

You can add as many affiliate accounts as you like.

4. Once the accounts are all linked up you can now assign any new jobs to an affiliate account as below. You can do this at the start or mid job (say after a few steps are completed).

The affiliated account will now receive the job to be assigned and worked on. They can then complete some or all of the job, or even pass it back to you or on to another vWork account.

Next Steps

We describe the typical workflow of an affiliate job in this help article here. This includes the job status changes and how and where you get the job information.

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