What Happens When I Cancel a Job ?

In vWork you can either Cancel or Delete a job.

Cancelling a Job

If you choose to cancel a job, it will remain in the job list with a state of cancelled.
You can restore or 'un-cancel' the job at a later date.

You can also report on cancelled jobs in our reports.

If you require, we also have a custom Auto cancel job setting, where you can set a number of days up to 30 and the job will automatically cancel if it has not been accepted.
We can set this on your account, just let us know the number of days and email us at support@vworkapp.com  

Deleting a Job

If you choose to delete a job in Vwork (and you have admin permissions to do so) the job is gone and cannot be retrieved.

You cannot report on deleted jobs, they are gone, 100% obliterated from the face of the earth.

Please note: You cannot cancel completed jobs, or jobs that have a project dependency set against them. You can also cancel or delete jobs in bulk via the jobs page, if you have account permissions to do this.

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