Affiliate Accounts Jobs and Status's

Below is the workflow of an Affiliate Job.

1. The Job is created in the Source Account

2. The job is assigned to the Affiliate account.

     - Shows as an affiliate job in the jobs list and is listed in the affiliate jobs tab.

3. The job has to be accepted or rejected first by the affiliate account.


4. Once accepted, the job is assigned to a worker in the affiliate account.

     - the source account sees the Job Status as it it appears in the received account (Assigned, Pending, Started etc). You will also see a grey 'A' which shows the job is with an affiliated account as below.

5. The Worker in the affiliated account accepts and completes steps as normal with a vWork job.

6. The Job can be passed on to another affiliate account (and another and another if needed).

7. Optionally the job gets assigned to a new worker in the 2nd affiliate account

8. More job steps and the job is completed.

Viewing your Affiliate jobs
When you set up affiliate accounts , you now have an Affiliate Jobs tab in your vWork. You will also see them listed in the Jobs & Quotes Tab, with a grey 'A' for affiliate.

You can also happily filter your schedule and jobs list to show only affiliate jobs, like below:

Please note:
Affiliate jobs will only show on the graphical schedule of the vWork account where they currently reside. You can see them on the schedule jobs list, jobs list and the affiliate jobs list but they will only show on the graphical schedule of the account where the assigned worker is. 

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