Ad Hoc Alert Recipients

What are ad hoc alert recipients ?

Having an ad hoc recipient means at job creation time you can add an email or SMS number so a 3rd party (in addition to the customer) can get the job alert.

A typical scenario where you could use this is:
- You have a delivery to a building site for the concrete, your customer is the owner but the site foreman wants to get the ETA alert as well.

How do I enable ad hoc alert alerts ?

1. This is a feature that is available on request, please email to get this turned on for your account. 

2. Once this is enabled, you can then go into each alert that you need this for and tick the Ad Hoc Recipients in each alert that requires this.

You can turn this on for email alerts and SMS alerts, or both.

3. Now each job that will trigger these alerts will have the additional ad hoc alert option when created. Just fill out the ad hoc recipient details when you need.

You will get the additional option in your job:


Please note. 
The ad hoc recipients option will respect the alerts filters. So if the alert is restricted to template X, only jobs with template X will get the ad hoc recipient option.


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