Health & Safety Tags or Worker Skills

Why should I use health & safety tags ?

You can add specific tags to your workers, jobs and templates. 

This will prevent your dispatchers from assigning jobs to workers that do not have the required qualification for a certain job.


How do I setup my health and safety tags ? 

First you must have either a Business or Enterprise vWork account. You also must have health and safety enabled on your account on this page.

Then just click into your health and safety tags and add as many as you like.


How do I add a tag to a worker?

Click in to the user settings of the worker and scroll down to the Health & Safety tags section as below:
You can add an expiry date for the tag here too.

How do I add a tag to a job or template ?

With Health & Safety enabled, Every Job template and Job will have a health & safety tags section where you can add as many tags as you like.

You can have tags pre baked in job templates or dispatchers can add them in on the fly as they create jobs.

How can I notify on tag expiry ?

We provide a new Health & Safety tag expiry alert that you can setup and set filters based on Customers, Templates, Workers or Groups. This is along with our suite of other alerts.

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