What are the Job Fields I can have in vWork ?

vWork enables you to add several different types of job fields or custom fields to a Job template.

These are all listed below with a brief description:

Job Fields Available in vWork

Free Text - This is for general notes and is just a text box to type in information.

Image - These are images that can be added to a job in either JPEG or PNG format

Date and Time - a date picker and time picker, so it is quick and easy to add these on a mobile device.

Number - a number box to quickly add numeric values.

Equipment - you can add 'equipment' from your account

Link - a web URL that must be formatted correctly. For example https://google.com and http://www.google.com will work however www.google.com will not. These are read only and make it easy to click a web link on a mobile device.

Checkbox - a standard check box

Currency - a dollar value in the currency of the account.

Signature - a signature to enable someone to sign on glass, the signature is stored as an image in the job and can be included in email alerts for this job, along with handy settings like being made a required field. 

Pick lists - These enable you to select one item from a list of choices.

Multi Pick Lists - these enable you to select one or more items from a list of choices.

Section Header - These are collapsible headers for your job fields, so you can break up job fields into sections and collapse some, to save excessive scrolling in a job.

Job Fields Example Below These are some examples of how you can add many fields into a Job template so your workers can fill out information on site or they can be pre populated if required.

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