What are Projects in vWork ?

Projects let you turn a single master job into a multi job project.

*Projects requires an Enterprise vWork plan, please contact support@vworkapp.com if you are on an enterprise plan and would like to turn it on for your account.


What Does Projects Look Like in vWork ?

There are 3 main stages to using projects in vWork:

1.Your project outline.

- Ideally have an idea of what your master job and Sub jobs will look like.

- Ideally have job templates already setup for these jobs.


2. Your project templates.

-These define what your project will look like, For example:

  • How many sub jobs ?
  • Will these sub jobs have dependencies (job 2 cannot be started if Job 1 is not complete)
  • What information do you need to pass between jobs in the project (notes, job fields etc)
  • The order and scheduling of sub jobs.


3. Convert a standard job into a Project

- You use the Convert button on a standard job as shown below.

  • Your job will become a master job
  • Your sub jobs will be created with your project template settings
  • You can manage and view this in the projects tab in vWork
  • Your Master job does not have any assignees or workers.
  • You can choose to collate all the sub job invoices into one master invoice.


Your master job and sub jobs will then display on the jobs list, labelled with SJ or MJ as below:


Your sub jobs will appear on the schedule in vWork as normal, with a link symbol to show they are part of a project:


You can also manage your projects in the projects tab:


Clicking into your project will show you a visual view of the sub jobs and how they look together. 


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