What is vWork Optimization

vWork Enterprise Plan Feature

When you have many jobs, Optimization will save you time and fuel.

vWorks Optimization will work out the fastest and most efficient route for a worker to complete multiple jobs.

This enables you to save on time, fuel costs and effort choosing the best way.

You choose the Jobs, worker(s) and our system will work out a route and order for jobs. You can then instantly publish the jobs with one click.

Why should I use optimization ?

To save travel time, fuel costs and the hours required to work this out.

You can have your workers day planned and optimized to the most efficient route before hand with minimal effort.


How it actually works 

We use an open source algorithm that determines the most efficient route. This is a unique problem that has been worked on and built by the world's data scientists over the last 20 years.
(it is still not solved yet - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travelling_salesman_problem)

What happens when you run an optimisation, is that our servers run this many times over (somewhere between 200-600 variations) until it gets a 'good enough' route based on all of the variables given.

So out of say 500 route options, maybe 10-20 will be good enough, where not much changes in terms of efficiency.

Our system picks the first one it hits within this 'good enough' range, so the individual settings, delivery addresses and times will affect the optimisation.

So every optimisation will be different and unique, also changing just one variable can give you a wildly different result. The algorithm is getting better with time and the maps are getting more detail too.

We also have the ability to add some small tweaks like adding efficiency cost for u-turns, other side of the road jobs and others. Just email support if you need more information on this.


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