How do I use Optimization ?

vWork Optimization is an optional feature. If you want to find out more, or add this to your vWork account, please email

Optimization in vWork needs the following

Before you can run an Optimization you should check you have set up the following things in your vWork account:

Now you are ready to create an optimization

1. Go to Jobs > Optimization in your vWork (you will only see this if you have permission)

2. Choose your required date/time range for the jobs to be started and completed in.


3. Choose your jobs and workers by:

- clicking on them on the map.
- or use the polygon selection tool.  then double click to close the polygon.

- or from the  button on the right of the page.

- or use the search filters.

(you can also choose all jobs and workers quickly, then just remove the ones you dont need)

4. Your selections for jobs and workers will show up in the information pane on the right.
Select or de select any workers (you can add more or less), then click on next or the 3rd step of 'Optimize'.

5. Then add a start location for your workers if needed. Then click 'Run Optimization'

6. You can then choose to view your optimization or run another. (Depending on the size of your optimization this can take seconds or minutes to run)

7. Once your optimization is done you can then publish or delete these jobs with the below buttons:





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