What happens If I change my repeating job template ?

What happens to my repeating jobs, if I update the original job template ?

Will my changes flow through to my repeating jobs ?

This is a question we often get, the best explanation is below:

Repeating jobs are 'based off' a job template at creation, and yet they are not hard linked to a job template.

This was a decision made because if someone updates or changes a template it would instantly break all of the repeating jobs (for example deleting a job field where it already has a value in an existing open repeating job).

So, if you are significantly updating repeating jobs, you do have to delete and then re setup the job off your recently updated job template.
This is usually quite quick as everything is in the template already, and it is just the scheduling information that needs to be added.

This is the same for equipment schedules.
We have a few exceptions, for example if you change job labels on a template, these will update on repeating jobs. This is because a job label has no affect on the structure of the existing repeating jobs and repeating job template.

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