How to Setup vWork Optimization

How to Setup your Optimization.

1. Enable Optimization (this requires an Enterprise vWork plan) - just email support to turn this on for you.

2. Give yourself and your users permissions to use optimization, as shown in the user permissions settings below:



3. Optionally, you can set your default Start and End locations in the general settings page as shown below:



4. If required, you can add advanced optimization settings to your workers / users.

5. If required you can also set time windows in your jobs. For example you may have jobs that can only be delivered on a Sunday afternoon. You can set this in the job.

  • Optionally set your jobs capacity and/or start time window as shown below:

6. Make sure your jobs to be optimized have geo coded step locations.

  • The best way to do this is to add Lat and Long co-ordinates to the jobs in bulk with an online tool like this.
  • Then you can import the jobs in bulk via a CSV file, or alternatively send them through via our API.


Now you are ready to use Optimization:

Please see this help article on how to use optimization



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