How to set up vWork Optimization

vWork Optimization is an optional feature. If you want to find out more, or add this to your vWork account, please email

How to set up your Optimization.

1. Give yourself and your Users permissions to use optimization, as shown in the User Permissions settings below:



2. You can set your default Start and End locations in Settings> General  as shown below:


Note: You must set a Start Location for an Optimization to work. You can set it in the: 

  • General settings page as shown above, or,
  • set start locations for each mobile worker or,
  • where you have Groups enabled in your vWork account, you can set the start location for each Group. 

3. You can add advanced optimization settings to your workers / users.

4. You can also set time windows in your jobs. For example you may have jobs that can only be delivered on a Sunday afternoon. You can set this in the job.

  • Optionally set your jobs capacity and/or start time window as shown below:

5. Make sure your jobs to be optimized have geo coded step locations.

  • The best way to do this is to add Lat and Long co-ordinates to the jobs in bulk with an online tool like this.
  • Then you can import the jobs in bulk via a CSV file, or alternatively send them through via our API.


Now you are ready to use Optimization:

Please see this help article for how to use optimization



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