What is Capacity ?

When using Optimization you can set the capacity of a worker and a job.

Capacity is an optional tool used to improve optimization. You do not need to set capacity if you are not using Optimization in vWork.

Capacity is a measure of volume in terms of a standard unit. It does not have a specific value defined in vWork. You can decide what this value is depending on what your organization’s need is. Capacity may represent, for example, boxes of groceries, bottles of gas, pallets of goods.

You set capacity for both a job and a worker, or vehicle.


For example:

You have a delivery job with a set capacity of 1 standard unit.

Joe has a very big delivery truck, so you give him a capacity of 30. His truck has a maximum limit of 30 standard units that it can carry.

This means joe can be assigned up to 30 of these jobs per run. The optimization will need another worker on the run if there are 40 jobs. These remaining jobs could be assigned to Rose, who has a smaller truck with a capacity of 20, or even Aden whose truck has a capacity of 10.


Capacity as volume

Capacity 30 Capacity 20 Capacity 10


You set the capacity of a worker in the user settings below:

You must set your required job capacity in each job too. This can be set in the Job template if capacity is always the same for each job, or can be set for each job if the capacity varies from job to job:

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