What is Capacity ?

When using Optimization you can set the capacity of a worker and a job.

Capacity can be used to set something like truck size, or even the speed of the worker.


For example:

You have a delivery job with a set capacity of 1

Joe has a very big delivery truck, so you give home a capacity of 30.

This means joe can only be assigned 30 of these jobs per run. The optimization will need another worker on the run if there are 40 jobs.

Capacity can be used in different ways:

1. Capacity as volume: 

Capacity 30 Capacity 20 Capacity 10


2. Capacity as efficiency

Capacity can also be used to allow for fast or efficient workers vs slower or complex workers, so a motorcycle courier in traffic can drop more jobs than a truck, so you would set a higher efficiency capacity for the motorcycle.

 Capacity of 20 per hour  Capacity of 10 per hour


You can set the capacity of a worker in the user settings below:

You can set your required job capacity in each job too:

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