How to use health and safety hazards on the iOS app.

What are health and safety hazards ?

If your organisation has enabled health and safety, they can require mobile workers to:

  • Acknowledge hazards on the job

  • Sign that the hazards are acknowledged

  • You can even add your own custom hazards to the job.

  • These hazards must be acknowledged before you can complete the job.

  • If signatures are added to the hazards, these must be signed before you can complete the job.


How do I acknowledge and sign my hazards ?

When in your job, the job step with the hazard acknowledgement will redirect you to the hazards tab as shown below:

IMG_0178.png    IMG_0179.png    IMG_0180.png

Then you can simply tap the hazard to fill out missing information, tick the acknowledgment box, or if required tap the signature area to sign your acknowledgement.


How do I add my own hazards to a job ?

simply go to the H&S tab in a vwork job on your device, then select Add Hazard > Custom Hazard, or choose any pre configured hazards as shown below

IMG_0176.png    IMG_0183.png    IMG_0184.png     


How can I add extra declaration signatures to a job ?

When in the H&S tab, just tap 'Add New Signature' 



How can I fill out hazard information ?

You just need to tap on the hazard and scroll to the information fields and fill these out. They can be set as required by your administrator.

For example if you tap on the 'Deep Hole' hazard below you can add a picture and change the hazard risks and controls.

IMG_0181.png    IMG_0182.png

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