Multiple workers feature - what are the rules ?

vWork has a simple multiple workers feature where you can add additional workers to a master job. These additional workers will get a stripped down simple sub job.

There are rules that apply to this, if you need more complexity and more detail passed around between all jobs, we recommend you use our projects feature.


What is the difference between a master and sub job ?

  • The Master job can have as many job steps as needed.
  • Sub workers will only get 2 simple job steps Start and Finish.
  • The master job can have an invoice. Sub worker jobs do not get an invoice.
  • In the master job template you can specify which step address to pass down to the sub jobs as the step address (ie job location).
  • Sub jobs will get the same job number appended with a '-1' or '-2' etc etc.
  • Master jobs and sub jobs will show with the below icons in the jobs list to identify them.



What are the rules around job information transfer ? 

  • All custom fields and information in the master job pass down to sub worker jobs as read only.
  • This includes updated information in the master job custom fields.
  • For example if a master job worker adds information to the master job, this will pass down to sub worker devices at next device sync (within minutes).
  • Job notes from the sub worker jobs pass up to the master job immediately
  • Master job notes will not pass down to sub workers, if this is required we recommend you just add a notes custom field to the master job.

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