Troubleshooting the ETA alert

When calculating a drivers arrival time, there are a lot of variables that need to align so the system can figure out the travel time from where the driver taps the first job step, to the location of the arrival job step.



 Checking all of the below things can help you find out the issue if you are not getting successful ETA alerts.

  • The driver's phone needs location tracking/GPS enabled.
  • The driver needs a good data connection, So the ETA timing is correct.
  • On my way and arrived steps need to be completed apart (timing-wise) and in different locations.
  • The arrival job step on the job must be geo-coded (have GPS coordinates, shown as the green tick).
  • Alert filters like template name etc need to match the job exactly.
  • Step names in the alert must match exactly the job (when generating jobs via the API).
  • Adding your email to the alert recipients can help when testing the alert.
  • Checking the alert sending counters are going up for this specific alert.
  • Checking alert emails are not getting sent to spam folders.

    vWork will also send an email back to the person who created the alert (in vWork) with any errors (for example if a driver was out of coverage when completing the 'on my way' step).

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