Import your MYOB customers into vWork

Please note that before you can import customers you must authorise vWork to communicate with MYOB, instructions on how to do this can be found here: How do I connect MYOB to vWork?


Importing Customers.

Steps: vWork > Customers > Import > Import from MYOB

Any jobs with invoicing line items present when they are completed will create a draft invoice in MYOB. However, if you want them to reference an existing customer in MYOB, you will need to import your MYOB customer information into vWork. To do so, go to the customers tab in vWork and click “Import”.


You can then select to import from MYOB, just click “Import from MYOB”.


Wait a minute…


…and done. 

Now, when you finish a job in vWork for one of these customers, we will create a draft invoice in MYOB loaded against the customer. Draft invoices in MYOB can be approved for sending straight away or edited if you need to add more information before it can be sent to the customer.

That’s all there is to it, start billing!

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