Best Practice Advanced vWork Setup

Once you are familiar with vWork, we have some best practices and tips that can make things run smoothly.

1. Keep job templates as simple as possible, this keeps things fast and keeps your mobile workers happy.

2. Remove worker permissions in user settings will remove administrative users off the schedule.


3. If a worker does not need to create jobs from the mobile, remove this ability will make their phone sync much faster (as no templates or customers are needed to be continually synchronized to the device).


4. Remove all templates sync from workers to reduce clutter and phone sync load. 

5. If you have thousands of customers ask us to turn off account-wide mobile customer sync (workers search for a customer online via the server rather than syncing thousands of customers to the phone on a regular basis).

6. Mobile device setup tricks:

  • Tick, return to jobs list on completion in app settings, makes for faster workflow.
  • You can timestamp images if required.
  • For old devices, you can have images not save on the phone (save space).
  • Use QR codes for easy fast mobile login.


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