How do I set my preferred navigation app on the iPhone?

How to set Google Maps or Waze as your navigation app in vWork. 

You can set your default navigation app to Waze or Google maps so that vWork uses one of these for your navigation when using vWork.

Of course, you must install Google maps and/or Waze from the Apple App Store before you start.

How do I do this on my iPhone or iPad ?

Follow the below instructions, after you have Waze or Google Maps installed on your iPhone or iPad.

When in the job, just tap on the job steps, in either of the below area's.

iphone app

Then tap and hold on the address that is your navigation destination.

iphone app

vWork will then ask you which navigation app to choose (from all installed apps).

iphone app

Once you choose your app, choose yes to open the selected navigation app.

iphone app


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