Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is a vWork optional feature. If you want to find out more or add this feature to your vWork account, please email A member of the vWork Team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

What is the Partner Portal?

There are two portal options available in vWork:

  • The standard Customer Portal allows customers to create jobs for themselves via the portal. You can find out more about this in the article Customer Self Service Portal.
  • The Partner Portal allows a business to use a portal to log in to your vWork account and create jobs on behalf of their customers.

This article is about the Partner Portal. It explains:

Why should I use the Partner Portal?

The Partner Portal is perfect for when your customers need to create jobs on behalf of their customers. 

For example, your business repairs washing machines for Acme Inc and other small appliance repair companies. You have set Acme Inc up with their own Partner Portal. Acme Inc's customers come to them for washing machine repairs.  Acme Inc creates repair jobs in your vWork account to repair their customers' washing machines through their portal.


How do I set up the Partner Portal?

Once you have the Partner Portal option enabled in your account:

  1. Go to Settings>Portal>Portal Partners
  2. Click Add Portal Partner 

Next, choose the job templates and customer requirements for your partner:

  1. Type their name in the Name field
  2. Select the Templates they need to access to create jobs. Add as many as they need.
  3. Select the Customer Fields required for each job. You can choose to make this information optional or required, or you can turn the field off so it won't show on the job.
  4. Click Create partner to save the settings.

Create the users from your partner business who will use the Portal

Once you have created a partner portal you add the Users, from your partner company, who will use the portal to create and manage jobs.

  1. From the Your Portal Partners page select the Portal Partner to open their details.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create partner user.


The Create Partner User page opens. From here you enter the User's details and set their permissions.



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