How to use the Custom Date Range Picker in vWork Reports

How to use the custom date range picker.

When you need to choose a custom date range with our report date picker, there are a few steps to consider. 

Ideally, first refresh your browser tab if you have not logged out of vWork in a while. We recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser. Then follow the instructions below:

1. Review the report type that you have chosen as shown below.

  • A CSV Export report can be for any date range (more than a month)
  • All of the other reports (custom report, job status etc) can only report on 30 days at a time, as these render as PDF documents (very resource-heavy when more than 30 days).
  • Any dates further out than a month will show with a line through if not using the CSV export report.


2. Now we choose our date range with the date picker:

  • Click on the dates and choose 'Custom Range'


3. This will expand out a custom calendar for you to choose the start date.

  • You can click the left and right arrows to move the calendar into the past or future.
  • Below we have chosen 1st January 2021 at 12.00am as our date range start


4. Once a start date is chosen, you can move the calendar into the future if needed, then choose your date range end date.

  • Once your date range end is chosen, the range selected will show in blue as below.
  • We have chosen the end date as 25th Feb in the example below.
  • Your confined date range will now also show listed at the bottom.


5. Now just press 'Apply' for the date range to apply to your current report.




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