Integrating with Eroad

What is the Eroad Integration?

When set up, the Eroad integration allows your vehicles eroad units to report detailed location in vWork. you will see your vehicles on the vWork map here.

This is much more detailed than using a mobile phone for location and more accurate for things like ETA alerting.


What do I need to set up my eroad integration?

There are 3 things you will need for this integration:

1. An Eroad account and vehicles with the eroad units installed.

2. A list of each eroad unit number and the corresponding vehicle. For example Eroad ehubo unit 0033757686 = truck rego LHJ786

3. You are the Eroad account holder or you have access to the account holder.

How do I set up the eroad integration?

1. Authorise Eroad to point your vehicles telemetry to vWork.
Have your Eroad account holder email and ask that "your eroad unit telemetry be pointed to vWork". 

This can take up to 2 weeks, Eroad should let you know when its done.

2. Provide vWork support with a list of eroad units and the corresponding vWork user/vehicle/driver
We just need the eroad unit numbers and which vWork license to link these up to (this could be a drivername, Truck Rego or equipment name) see examples below:


Just email this line to and we will link the eroad units up to the vWork driver/vehicle or equipment. This can usually done in a few hours.


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