Time Windows on Your Jobs

You can add time windows to your jobs and assets to restrict when they can be assigned by our route optimisation.

Time windows are available on jobs, job templates and assets as shown below. These time windows will be respected by our route optimization when assigning jobs to a route.

For example, if you have an asset (maybe a building on a busy highway) that is affected by rush hour traffic, so you would prefer jobs were not assigned around rush hour, you could add some time windows to the asset.
These would pull through to any job for this asset, any route optimized jobs for the asset would work around rush hour.

We still allow manual assigning of jobs within or outside of these time windows, however, we provide a time window warning in the job (yet we still allow it to be assigned).

How do I Add time windows?

1. You can choose to add a time window to:

  • The Job Template - this will flow through to any jobs based on this template.
  • The Job - this is for one-off jobs that might need time restrictions.
  • The Asset - This will flow through to any job with this asset.


Below is a time window on an asset:



Time windows can be within specified times, or outside of specified times. Whatever is easier or suits your business.



How will the time windows affect my jobs?

Job time windows are designed primarily for our route optimisation feature. When routing jobs the optimization system will respect the time windows set on the jobs and will only assign these jobs to start times that work around these time windows.

This is great for avoiding busy times like rush hour or times when a business is closed.

When a job is manually assigned outside of a time window, we still allow this to happen, yet we will notify the dispatcher in different places as shown below.

On the schedule:


In the job:



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