API Results Paging

By default, the API will return only the first 50 results for any query.  The rest of the results are available but are on separate pages.  The  number of results and number of pages available are included in the header row.

  • For example, the request:  http://api.vworkapp.com/2.0/jobs.xml?api_key=[API_KEY] might show the following header: <jobs type="array" current_page="1" per_page="50" total_pages="3" total_entries="112"> This indicates there were 112 results spread over three pages with a maximum of 50 entries per page, and that you are currently viewing page 1 of 3.

Please note, that when making multiple requests to view a dataset, it is possible for the underlying data to change in the intervening timeframe.  (For example if a job was deleted between viewing page 1 and page 2, the number of total results would be different when viewing the second page.)


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