How Do I Add a Customer?

Permission to Create New Customers

Only web users with the "Customers" permission enabled are able to create new customers. Web users with no "Customers" permission will only be able to use existing customer records when creating jobs.

This is set on the users admin page.

In the example below, Steve is able to create new customers, while Jill will only be able to select from existing customers.


Add a New Customer from the Customers Screen

You can add a new customer from the Customers tab, simply click the "Add Customer" button.

You will see the following form where you complete the customer details.

The ID field will automatically create a unique customer ID when you save the customer's information. You can also enter your own ID into this field if you prefer.

From there, you can fill out the Customer Site Contact details. vWork uses a Geocoded address to show the address on a map. When an address has a geocode it will show a green tick next to the address. If the customer's Site Address doesn't show the green tick then click on the Site Address field and it should give you an option to select the address from a drop down menu.

Once finished with the Customer Site Contact information, you have the option to copy the information across to the Customer Billing Contact fields and edit if necessary.


To complete the process simply click on the "Create" button in the bottom right of the screen. 


Add a New Customer from the Jobs Screen

If you have permission, you can also create a new customer when creating a new job, simply enter their name into the job editor and begin filling in the blank customer details form.

Be careful though, if you enter an existing customer name, you will end up updating the existing customer rather than creating a new one.

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