vWork Dashboard

vWork Enterprise Plan Feature

What is the dashboard in vWork ?

 The Dashboard gives you the ability to add metrics and see how your business is tracking in vWork.

Our dashboard requires an enterprise vWork plan.

The Dashboard time range currently only goes back 2 weeks, we are looking to improve this time window soon.



How to setup your dashboard.

1. you need to be on an enterprise plan in vWork.

2. enable dashboard access in your user settings here.

3. Then you can edit or change the default widget settings as shown below.


4. Then you can add new widgets, edit widget settings and delete or move dashboard sections as shown below:


5. You always have the option to reset back to defaults.






What are the time ranges and metrics we use ?

The dashboard time range for 'This Week' is Sunday 00:00 am - Saturday 11:59:59 pm.

The dashboard time range for "Today" means "from now until 1 second before midnight tonight"
It uses the time frame to include all jobs that were completed within this time frame, or are planned to be completed within this time frame.

The goal value on our dashboard widgets is either set by the user, or if not set by the user is a dynamic value determined by vWork. 
If determined by vWork, the goal is:

The number of jobs that were planned to be completed during the selected timeframe (i.e., how many jobs were planned to be completed today).
The "planned to be completed" date is the jobs planned start at date + the job's duration.

i.e., you have a timeframe of today. You've completed 20 jobs today, and you have 50 jobs that are expected to be completed today. 
You will see jobs 20 and Goal 50 for your widget with a 40% completion percentage.

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