Customer Job Fields

vWork Enterprise Plan Feature

What are customer job fields?

Customer job fields allow you to add 6 customized fields to a customer.
These will then show in every job for this customer (below the job custom fields)


Why should I use customer job fields?

Customer job fields allow you to load up specific information for every customer (like site details, delivery details etc) so this information automatically shows on every job for that customer. 

How do I set up customer job fields?

This feature is currently in beta, so contact support to turn this enterprise plan feature on for your account.

Then you just go to vWork > Settings > customers and add your desired fields as shown above.
once you click update, you get the warning where these fields will be pushed out to all of your existing customers (see picture below). You can also add information in the fields, this will also update.


Then you can add whatever information to your existing customers (as shown below), this will then populate any job for this customer.


Below is what you now see in a job for this customer:


Some things to note with this beta feature:

  • Currently, this is not supported when creating jobs from mobile.
  • Currently, if you export your customers to a CSV file, this will not include your customer job fields.
  • Currently, if you attach vWork assets to your jobs, the customer job fields will not show on the mobile in addition to the asset information.

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