Integrate with your GPS provider

Can vWork integrate with my own GPS (telematics) provider?

Yes, vWork can accept telematics from our partners like Eroad, ITL, Tom Tom and more.

Why should I use my own GPS provider?

With vWork we use the location of the mobile device (phone or tablet) by default to show worker location, however this can use a lot of battery, sometimes go out of coverage and may not have the greatest signal at all times.

With a dedicated GPS unit in a truck or vehicle, you get a much more accurate signal with many more 'pings' all using the vehicle's battery. Also this unit cannot be turned off like you can with the location services on a phone or tablet.

How do I set this up to integrate with my vWork?

You need to first have an in-vehicle telemetry provider, we recommend Eroad as a good option.

If you use Eroad or ITL just contact your provider and ask them to point telemetry to vWork or contact vWork support and we can provide forms to fill out and send through to your provider.

If you use any other telemetry provider get in touch with us at vWork support and we can check if we can integrate for you.

Below is a good example of the accuracy you can expect with an in-vehicle telemetry unit.



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