vWork Uptime, Outages and Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance includes new feature releases and system upgrades and is usually only a matter of a minute or two of downtime.  These occur fairly often, so we do not email everyone, instead anyone using the product will be notified in their browser.  We aim to do this no more than two times during a normal working week.

Notification will include an ETA to the maintenance event as well as some indication of how long it is likely to take.

In the rare case of a long planned outage, we will ensure this occurs at our least busiest time (probably on a weekend or late at night) and will email all admin users at least 24 hours before this occurs.

Unplanned Outages

Unplanned outages are avoided at all costs. However, if this occurs, we will update you via our status page, this can be found at: http://vworkapp.status.io/

If the unplanned outage is likely to continue for more than a few minutes, you will be automatically redirected to the status page where we will post regular updates.

We do encourage everyone to subscribe to the vWork Status updates by clicking the below button on our status page.
This will automatically email you with any updates or uptime notices.

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