Can I Scan a Barcode in vWork

Yes, vWork supports Barcode or QR scanning

In a vWork Job or Template, any custom field which is a "Free Text" field will allow you to barcode scan.
Just tap on the barcode symbol shown below and scan with your phone camera.

This will input the numbers or letters of the barcode into the chosen notes field as below.

Can I Login to the App with a Barcode ?

Yes, You can also login using a barcode on both the Android and iPhone apps

See here for some instructions on how you do that

What Types of Barcodes does vWork Support Scanning ?
As a general rule we can scan most if not all 1D and 2D barcodes and QR codes, the main caveat is that we do not support 3D barcodes.

The detailed summary for all supported barcode scanning on iOS and Android is below.

Barcode Type Android iOS (apple)
1D product    
UPC-A Yes Yes
UPC-E Yes Yes
EAN-8 Yes Yes
EAN-13 Yes Yes
1D Industrial    
Code 39 Yes Yes
Code 93 Yes Yes
Code 128 Yes Yes
Codabar Yes Yes
ITF Yes Yes
RSS-14 Yes Yes
RSS-Expanded Yes Yes
QR Code Yes Yes
Data Matrix Yes No
Aztec Beta No
PDF 417 Beta No
3D No No

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