Messaging Permissions

What are Messaging permissions?

Permissions are when you enable a particular feature for a worker or dispatcher. Messaging permissions allow you to determine who can use Messaging and who cannot.

Why set Messaging permissions?

If you need to send a worker or your team a quick message, you can use vWork's messaging.  
If you do not want workers to use this feature to message each other, then simply do not enable Messaging for those particular users.

How do I enable Messaging?

Dispatchers need to have this feature enabled in order to use it.

By default all mobile workers have the messaging feature but this is disabled until you enable the permission for at least one Dispatcher.

Mobile workers are only able to message those who have the messaging permission enabled.

In the example below:
Jeff and Sarah are both mobile only workers. They can message either Roger or Simon (the Dispatchers) who have messaging permitted. However, Jeff and Sarah can’t message each other as they don't have messaging permitted.



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