Invoicing with vWork

What is invoicing in vWork?

With vWork you can attach invoices to jobs. Invoices contain a description as well as a set of line items.  Line items can be time-based, distance-based, or for specific materials that you wish to bill for.

Why should I use invoicing?

Imagine no more manual invoicing!  Automated invoicing saves you precious time and administration costs.  Invoicing is one of the most valuable parts of vWork if you take the time to set it up.  

Once you have created your price books and enabled this feature, you will find it a huge time saver and a massive benefit of vWork.

How to set up the invoicing feature

Your dispatchers and mobile workers (if given permission) can add line items to jobs and automatically generate invoices based on your jobs in vWorkApp.

First: Set up the General Invoicing Settings

You can turn on settings on the invoicing permissions tab. Go to Settings > Finance > Invoicing.

  1. Click the checkbox to Enable invoicing for your account, 
  2. Set a Default Tax Rate, and
  3. Select a Currency unit.


Second: Set your Invoice Settings to control what mobile workers are allowed to change 

Dispatchers are allowed to edit invoices by default.

But you can also give permission to your mobile workers to edit invoices.  To do, you need to first select which parts of an invoice workers can change on the Settings>Finance>Invoicing page.  You can let them:

      • Add, edit, and delete line items
      • Change the tax rate on the invoice
      • Change the description
      • Restrict items on the invoice to those in the pricebook.


Later on, we will tell you how to enable these permissions for individual workers. For now, finish setting up your invoicing on this page...


Third: Select the Templates you want to invoice for

Next, you can select which of your job templates should include the invoicing fields. In this example, six templates are selected.

Fourth: Customize Your Invoice Details

Next, you can select what information you want on the invoice. 

Enter your Payment Details, Contact Details and Company Tax number




Preview Your Invoice

By selecting Show a Preview of your invoice you can see a sample of your invoice.


That's it, now when you create new jobs from the selected templates you will be able to record the information necessary to create an invoice.

Your dispatchers and mobile workers (if given permission) can add line items to jobs and automatically generate invoices based on your jobs in vWork.


Now Choose which workers can edit invoices

Once this has all been set up, you may want to select which workers are allowed to make changes to invoices on their jobs. Go to Settings> Users> Users and select a worker to enable their Invoice Permissions.

  • To enable a Mobile Worker to edit invoices scroll to their Mobile Permissions, and under Invoices select Full.
  • If you leave this as None (the default), this mobile worker will not see the invoice tab at all.
  • If you select Read, then the worker will be able to see the invoice but not make any changes.

There is more information on the invoicing permissions here.  



Further Useful Information

If you wish, you can also set up pre-defined lists of items that your users can add to invoices, these are called Pricebooks.

Invoices can be printed, emailed, or exported from vWork to another system for reconciliation.

We offer off the shelf integrations for Xero, QuickBooksOnline and MYOB.

We don't add an invoice number until it is passed to one of the accounting integrations as above.
We add 'TBD' as the invoice number however you are free to use the job number as the invoice number.

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