How Does Health & Safety Work ?

vWork Enterprise Plan Feature

What is Health & Safety in vWork ?

Health and safety in vWork allows your workforce to acknowledge and be aware of risks, easily alert others and report on accidents.

It also ensures qualified workers are assigned to the jobs that require their specific skills.

Health and safety has 3 main components:

1. Tags - more detail here

You can add specific tags to your workers, assets, jobs and templates. This will prevent your dispatchers from assigning jobs to workers that do not have the required qualification or skill for a certain job.

You can also have the qualification or skill expire, so this works well for things like first aid certificates etc.

2. Hazards -
 more detail here

Allow your dispatchers and workers to identify and record hazards on a job. Workers will not be able to complete the job until they acknowledge and/or sign the hazards identified.

3. Events - more detail here

Enable your workers in the field to record accidents or incidents as they happen. You can define what these events look like and can then alert your management team as required in real time.
These events can be linked to jobs or be created as standalone events.

We provide incident and accident templates as a good starting point.
Below are health and safety events on the phone as a worker sees them.

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