Health & Safety Events

What are health & safety events in vWork ?

Health and safety events enable your workers in the field to record accidents or incidents as they happen.
You can define what these events look like and can then alert your management team as required in real time.



How do I log a health & safety event ?

Health & Safety events can be added with our mobile apps on the H&S tab or in the web app as below. They are very similar to Jobs, where they can have steps and fields to complete.

Can I customize what the event templates will look like ?

Yes you can, we provide the 2 default event templates , however you can add / edit or delete as many event templates as you wish.

You can find these templates in Settings > Templates > Health & Safety

How can I notify on health & safety events ?

We provide 3 new Health & Safety alerts that you can setup and set filters based on Customers, Templates, Workers or Groups. This is along with our suite of other alerts.


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