Invoicing with your Assets

How do assets work with invoicing?

You can add invoice line items to your assets in vWork. These line items will then come through to the job when you attach the asset to the vWork job.
Asset invoicing does not use price books, you need to manually add the line items to the asset, price books are attached to the job template detailed here.


Why should I use invoicing with my assets?
This feature allows you to have specific billing items come through to jobs where the asset is attached to the job.
When you add invoice line items to any asset in vWork, this asset could be a customers site or piece of machinery that needs individual billing items.

How do I set up asset invoicing?

All you need is to click into any vWork asset, scroll down to the invoicing part and add your line items as shown below:


Some things to note about this feature:

1. Price books cannot be used on individual assets. These are attached to the job template, so adding line items to assets is a manual process so they cannot be quickly pulled from a price book.

2. At this stage the asset invoice line items are not included on any asset import or export, we do plan to add this extra functionality in the future.

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