vWork Assets

vWork Assets is an optional feature. If you want to find out more, or add this to your vWork account, please contact support@vworkapp.com.

What are Assets in vWork ?

An asset can be  a place or location like a park, school or house.

Assets are items that can be added to standard or repeating jobs in vWork, these can have set locations and they can be owned (or linked to) a customer.

For example this could be a boiler at a customer's location that needs regular servicing, or it could be a company digger that is required on certain jobs.

Assets can have the following:

  • 3rd party ID's
  • Locations (GPS coordinates or address)
  • Serials
  • A picture
  • Health and safety hazards
  • Health and safety tags
  • Up to 10 static custom fields (common across all of your assets)
  • Can be added to repeating jobs.


Why should I use Assets ?

If a customer has a piece of equipment at a location that needs a regular service schedule, you would add this as an asset.

Also in any of the below scenario's:

- If an item needs its details recorded and work history tracked.

- If an item has a set location and is regularly included in jobs.

- If an item needs health and safety hazards logged against it.

- If an item or location needs a time window set for optimization.


Adding my Assets to Repeating Jobs 

We have a detailed article on adding your assets to repeating job schedules here, there is great flexibility as you can add many assets to one customized repeating schedule and even step each asset forward using a selected offset.

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