vWork Assets

What are Assets in vWork ?

Assets are items that can be added to jobs in vWork, these can have set locations and they can be owned by a customer.

For example this could be a boiler at a customer's location that needs regular servicing, or it could be a company digger that is required on certain jobs.

Assets can have the following:

  • 3rd party ID's
  • Locations (GPS coordinates or address)
  • Serials
  • A picture
  • Health and safety hazards
  • Health and safety tags
  • Up to 10 static custom fields (common across all of your assets)
  • Can be added to repeating jobs.


Why should I use Assets ?

If a customer has a piece of equipment at a location that needs a regular service schedule, you would add this as an asset.

Also in any of the below scenario's:

- If an item needs its details recorded and work history tracked.

- If an item has a set location and is regularly included in jobs.

- If an item needs health and safety hazards logged against it.

- If an item or location needs a time window set for optimization.



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