iPhone App Basics

Quick Start Guide
We have a great double sided getting started guide here if you prefer to download and print a guide. iPhone quick start sheet

Or just read the getting started sections below.

Logging in

Open the iPhone app, then sign in with your email and password. You will then see the jobs list as above.

Accepting or declining a job (if enabled)

You can then Tap into the job to Accept or Decline Accepting...

Completing job steps

Tap on the 'Complete Step Button' Or Tap the arrow or steps button to go into the Steps sub menu as above.

Use the Map

Tap the Map button when in a job, or Menu > Jobs map, when not. Then you can tap and interact with the job - get directions etc.

Job Fields or Notes

Custom Fields
Tap into the Job field and action it as in the pictures above The above is a checkbox field


Job Options

Options  options
Tap the above Job options button. if you have permissions you can pause the job, reassign or decline the job.


Add a Customer signature and photo

Tap into the signature area then you can sign on screen or as described here. The customer can sign with their finger, you can add a photo too.

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