How Do Quotes Work?

What is a Quote in vWork?

Quotes allow you to create job estimates for your workers to complete, this is done with a quote template.

Once a quote is completed by a worker, your dispatchers can then choose to email it to the customer for approval once they are happy with it.

If the customer approves the quote, we will automatically create a corresponding job using the job template that you specify. This resulting job can then be scheduled for a worker to complete as per all your other jobs.

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Why should I use vWork's Quotes instead of my own system?

Creating quotes in vWork ensures you can keep track of all potential jobs.  When a quote is accepted by a customer, it will automatically appear on the schedule for allocation to a worker.  vWork's quotes are an easy way to ensure you never miss a job again because of quotes that are forgotten or not followed up on.

How Are Quotes Completed?

Quotes are almost identical to jobs from a scheduling or worker point of view. A dispatcher creates the quote from a template and gives the quote to a worker for them to complete.

The worker receives the quote on their phone, completes the steps, custom fields and invoice line items.

How Are Quotes Sent to Customers? 

Once the worker has completed the quote, the dispatcher has the ability to email the quote to the customer for approval. This is not an automatic process as the quote should be reviewed before being sent to the customer.

How Are Quotes Approved or Declined?

The email that is sent to the customer includes a link to approve or decline the quote online. The dispatcher also has the ability to manually approve or decline the quote if they have spoken to the customer over the phone.

What Information is Copied from the Quote to the Job?

Once the quote is approved, we automatically create a new job for you based on the quote. When you setup the quote template you define what information is copied across to the job, including:

  • What template should the job be based on
  • What step address should be copied from the quote
  • What custom fields should be copied from the quote

In addition, we will automatically copy across the following:

  • All the customer information
  • A reference to the quote
  • All the invoice information

The resulting job can then be scheduled for completion along with all of your other work.

How Do I Turn this Feature On?

Read on for more information about enabling quotes on your account...

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