Can I Enter GPS Coordinates instead of a Street Address?

As you probably know already, you can specify a step address when you create a job. What you might not know is that you can enter a Latitude and a Longitude (GPS Coordinates) instead of a street address.


What are GPS Coordinates? 

GPS coordinates are the Latitude and a Longitude of a location.  


Why use GPS Coordinates?

A company might need to fix or replace something that has no street address - like a man hole cover, post box - pot hole etc.  The dispatcher can simply enter the exact GPS coordinates for the worker to locate the right area quickly and efficiently.


How do I use GPS Coordinates?

Option1 – Find the Closest Address to a Set of Coordinates

If you enter a set of co-ordinates without any brackets as per the example below, vWorkApp will suggest the closest address for the step location.


Option 2 – Plot the Exact Location Regardless of Address

If you enter a set of co-ordinates contained in a set of brackets as per the example below, vWorkApp will plot this on the map exactly where you specify and will ignore any street addresses that may be available for the area.

In both of the above examples, you can see the green tick indicating we know where to plot this location on the map.

Supported Formats

We support either degrees decimal minutes or decimal degree coordinates in a variety of formats.  We do not currently support degrees minutes seconds. Some of the supported formats include:

  • N27 9.927, W80 8.673
  • N27 9.927,W80 8.673
  • N27 9.927 W80 8.673
  • 27 9.927N, 80 8.673W
  • 27 9.927N,80 8.673W
  • 27 9.927N 80 8.673W
  • 27.16545, -80.14455
  • 27.16545,-80.14455
  • 27.16545 -80.14455

Let us know if you run into any problems or drop us an email if you need a hand with GPS coordinates.

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