How do I add notes and additional information to a job?

How to add notes to your job

If you need your workers to collect additional information for a job or add a note, you can create a use the Built in Notes on the job or use a Custom Field for this.

Using the inbuilt job notes

At the end of every job form in the vWork website there is a notes field (see picture below).
This logs who added the note and when and displays on mobile devices and the website.
Mobile workers can add additional notes here from their phones too.

Using a custom field for notes

Go to Settings > Templates and choose the job template you need to include additional Notes in.

Add a Custom Field and call it Notes/Additional Information etc.  Then make it Optional or Required for the Worker to complete the field.



Then Update your template.  All future jobs created using this template will include this new field.  

You can also keep adding more different job fields, with things like pick lists, time and date, web addresses, tickboxes and more.

NB: older and current jobs on the schedule will not include this new field.




















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