What are Alerts in vWork?

Alerts are powerful automated emails (or sms messages)  that can be sent to dispatchers, customers, workers, or any other email address based on job activity.

Using specific triggers and filters you can get powerful notifications on almost anything within vWork. 

Alerts are triggered when a specific event occurs, such as a status change, or a field being updated. We have included the full list below.

Alerts can be triggered from the following:
Job Creation, Job Assigned, Job Declined,  Job Accepted, Job Completed,  Step Completed,  
Custom Field Update, Signature Received, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Job Created by Worker, Job Rescheduled by Worker, Job Created by Customer, Job Start Reminder, Job Overdue, Job Paused too Long and many more.

You can customize the event that triggers the Alert, who should get the Alert, as well as the content of the email that is sent to them.

This allows you to get the right data to the right person when they need it (worker, dispatcher or customer).

Why should I use Alerts?

Alerts are a great way to improve communication and reduce administration for your team.  
vWork provides a range of Alerts that can be set to update customers, workers or dispatchers when a particular step or event occurs.

The example below shows what an Email Alert looks like: this example was triggered by the job being completed.


Email Alerts can be found here in your vWork Account. (This is also where you can setup SMS Alerts if these are enabled for your vWork Account)

SMS Alerts can be setup in addition to Email Alerts. Pricing for SMS Alerts is based on volume and your jurisdiction. To enable SMS Alerts, or find out more, please email support@vWorkapp.com to have one of our Team contact you to discuss your requirements.

Whether you want to know when a new job has been created - or a job has been completed - Alerts will keep you and your customers informed.

Find out more about Alerts here.


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