How Do I Setup an Alert?

Follow the below steps to create your alert:

Select Your Trigger

You can setup alerts on the alerts tab in reports.

Select "Add Alert" and give your new alert a name so that you can find it again if you need to make any changes.

You now need to select a trigger to send the alert. There are a number of different options, they are all outlined here


Select or Filter Your Jobs /Customer / Worker

vWork enables you to filter your alerts so that they are only triggered for specified groups, templates, customers, or workers.

You can use any combination of these filters. If no filters are applied then the alert will occur for all jobs.


Select Your Recipients

You can select to have the alert sent to any combination of dispatcher, worker or customer contacts and also have the option to enter custom email addresses as well.

To manually enter email addresses - please ensure that you separate these with a comma or a space.

You can even alert a dispatcher with an in-app notification by adding them to the notify box below: 

You can also choose to attach a job report to your alert

This can send to the default alert recipient, or another custom email address if you wish. The report will only be for this specific job, however can use custom settings that you choose in a report favourite.vWork_-_Mobile_Workforce_Platform.png


Customise the Alert Email

You can customise the email sender, the subject line and the body of the email message.

In the body of the email message you can use tokens. The tokens are a 'link' to real job information.

To use a token simply place the cursor in the email body where you want the token added and click the token you wish to add. You can see all the available tokens in the red box below.

For example the Job ID token will populate the alert email with the specific Job ID for the job that has triggered the alert, the Template token will add the template being used for the job and so on...


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