Customized Worker Shifts.

What are customized worker shifts ?

You can choose to override your company working hours for one or many workers by selecting the below option in the selected users settings:

Why should we customize worker shifts ?

When you set a workers shift, this transfers to the vWork schedule so dispatchers can see when a worker is available for jobs, this also transfers to the workers availability in our job optimization feature.

You can also use this to block out holidays or sick leave.

How do I set up my custom worker shifts ?

1. Setup your Company working hours as a base, if required.

2. Go to Shifts Settings and click into the worker you wish to change. (you need to be an admin or have 'shift' permissions for this)

3. You have the option to copy the hours from another worker or directly from your company hours, or set them as available 24/7.

4. You can also click and drag on the calendar view to create a new shift, or you can drag to make an existing shift longer or shorter.

You will then also be prompted if this change is to repeat or stay as a one off.

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