Multiple workers on a single job.

vWork Enterprise Plan Feature

What is multiple workers ?

Multiple workers allows you to add extra workers to a standard job. The sub workers will only get 2 steps (Start and Finish) and they can only enter notes on the job.
vWork will generate separate simple sub jobs for each new worker added.


 Why should I use multiple workers ?

 If you have a job where you need to schedule out an entire team of workers, yet dont need the extra complexity of a project, a multi worker job can be ideal.


How do i setup multiple workers ?

Multiple workers is currently and optional a job template based setting.

To enable this first please email to turn this on for you.

Then just Go to Settings > Templates and click into your template.

Scroll down to the worker section and check the 'allow additional workers' checkbox as shown below:


Then (optionally) set the step address which you would like to transfer to the sub jobs:


Then save your template.

From then on when you create a new jobs with this template you can add additional workers as show below:


What will my sub jobs and master job look like ?

The master job will have a mini project overview as shown below, along with all of the steps and custom fields (like a normal job).


Sub jobs will only have start and finish steps and notes (no extra steps or custom fields like photo's or signatures).
If your sub jobs need to be complex you should use our projects feature.

Sub job notes will pass up to the master job.

Sub jobs will have the same job id as the master although it will be appended with a '-1' or '-2' etc. (see below picture).

Multi worker jobs will be tagged with an MW icon on the jobs list and schedule, where sub jobs will be tagged with a SW icon.



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