Scheduled Reports

What are Scheduled Reports?

Scheduled reports allow you to have reports generated and emailed to you automatically.

Why use Scheduled Reports?

You may want to know how many jobs a worker did last month - and have this emailed to you every month on the same day.

How to set up your Scheduled Reports

These are easy to set up as follows:

  1. Click Reports.

  2. Click Schedule Reports.

  3. Click Add New Scheduled report: 

  4. Select the Type of Report. You have a choice of the 8 below reports.
    Worker Activity Customer Activity Job Quotes Job Invoices
    Job Status Job Sheets Custom Report CSV Export

  5. Select the Format PDF or CSV (Export to Excel can only be a CSV).

  6. Name the Report something useful.

  7. Select the Time Range for your report data, When you would like the first report to be generated and then the Frequency.
    Month Before - previous calendar month This Month Month After - following calendar month
    Week Before - previous Mon-Sun week This week Week After - following Mon-Sun week
    Day Before Today Day After

  8. Select your filters, whether it's for a certain template, customer, worker or job status.

  9. Select the Report Recipients.

  10. Click Create. 


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