Favourite Reports

What is Favourite Reports?

Favourite reports allows you to setup a report with all the criteria you want and save those settings.

Why use Favourite Reports?

This is useful if there is a particular set of information or filters that you need and you don't want to have to try and set this up each time you run a report.

How to set up your favourite reports


1. Click Reports

2. Click Favourite Reports or click here to jump straight to Favourite Reports.

3. Click the “Create Favourite” button to add a new favourite. Or Click the "Add to Favourites" button  from an existing report.

4. Name your favourite report.

5. Choose what to display in your favourite report with our filters:

6. Select what the report type will be and choose your filters - eg. worker, customer, template and status.

7. Click Create.

This new favourite report will then be available in the main reports page and the scheduled reports* page.

*Please remember that if you make any changes to a favourite report on the schedule reports tab - you will need to also make those change to the favourite report

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